Engineering in India - The toughest course or merely a joke

Updated: May 5, 2020

From childhood to Adulthood, we were taught only one thing. If you study hard, you will get a good job and will earn good money, luxurious life and many more. Our minds were programmed to understand that the sole objective of education is to earn money. Engineering was thought to be the most fascinating profession in terms of money, reputation, and everything. Lakhs of students prepare for IIT JEE every year to get entry in B.Tech or Integrated M.Tech program in premier institutions of India IISc and IITs. But luck doesn't favor everyone. The success rate is quite low in this exam due to a limited number of sheets. So what's next for students who didn't make it to IITs. There are round about 12000 Engineering institutions in India affiliated to AICTE. One can get admission to any institution depending upon his/her financial condition. The main problem is for lower-middle-class people who get admitted to B grade colleges just because of a lack of money or knowledge. The placement in such colleges is practically zero. Around 15 lakhs engineers pass out every year and less than 10% get a job.

So the next question is what after B.Tech if you want a govt job.or you failed to grab a job in campus placement.

The most common options are listed below to get a job in govt sector and how the recent changes in govt policies have made it even more difficult to get a job. 1. GATE: Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is the gateway to pursue Masters or Doctorate from IITs, IISc, and renowned foreign universities or to get a job in PSUs. The MHRD and IITs council has recently raised the fees for a Masters degree by 900% because according to them it will reduce the dropout rate. Some of students vacate their seats after getting a job in PSUs. This decision will adversely affect the millions of students who were dreaming to get into IITs for Masters after failing in IIT JEE. IIT council says it will eliminate the possibility of using M.Tech as a Parking space and will allow only students who are serious for research. The ongoing recession has affected the PSUs. ONGC, BPCL is in huge loss. BPCL India's second-largest oil company is on the road to privatization. So in short there is no use of preparing for GATE. 2. ESE: Engineering Services Exam Probably the toughest exam for engineers in the World, gives the privileges of being a Class A officer. The seats are limited. So most of the students won't even try at least once. 3. SSC JE: peoples are allowed to write exams for very few posts. This exam is basically for diploma holders in engineering. The scams of SSC are well known. SSC CGL 2017 aspirants are still on hold. There is a duration of almost 3 years between filling the online form to get posting in SSC JE. The frustration keeps on building due to the long wait. 4. Banking: In recent times, it was seen that most of the engineers were shifting to the banking sector. But I think Govt. didn't like this too. The bank merger policy will surely hamper the no. of vacancies. The competition is already sky-high. In short I want to say that engineers aren't left with any option except making Pakora. Are we producing engineers or unemployment? The solution to this problem is to change the curriculum of engineering courses first. The syllabus is outdated. The gap between industry and academia need to filled. Bachelors and Masters degree programs should be started in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, and Robotics. Some IITs and Private universities are offering such courses but those are limited in numbers. #Changeforgood #MHRD #AICTE #SSC #GOI

A message to AICTE, MHRD, SSC, and Govt of India.

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